theholyhijacker said:
Okay so I'm not to sure if I read this right off dA but, it's your birthday I think?

My birthday is tomorrow on the 3rd!!~ ^D^

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Anonymous said:
You might wanna calm down before calling out someone for tracing another persons art. You could be false and then you'd look like a rude asshole. Why don't you just let the artist know what happened so that they may address the alleged tracer of art.

Because I know it isn’t false.

The original art is right here, and Laryn and her art has always been special to me. I know how it would feel to get art stolen, and I don’t like the idea of other artists go through that.

Art thefts shouldn’t be treated with respect in my mind. In situations where it is a similar pose or theme, I would give them the benefit of the doubt. But this is line for line tracing, then calling it their own. That is not okay.

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Message me if you know the cosplayers!

I LOVED these cosplayers!!

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Lemme tell you a story…

At Sacanime, I was walking from the parking garage to the Convention Center. When out of no where (or my field of vision) I hear “Hey *insert child’s name* look a puppy!” So I turned to look over to see a little boy dressed as the doctor peek from behind his mom. Of course I did my usual and waved to him, got down to his height and opened my arms for a hug. I swear his eyes brightened like he was in heaven. We hugged and we made funny faces and played around. He gave me one last hug before we parted ways. I’ve never seen a mom so thankful.

That is why I love fursuiting and how my weekend was made better.

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Sacanime LAST round I promise! Everyone was dressed so amazing this year it took more than three sets to share my favorites. Let me know your url and I’ll give credit!
See picture descriptions for url names as they come.

I’m the Hiccup!!~ ^D^

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SacAnime… Is AWESOME.

The hiccup is

The Hiccup is me and Toothless is draqonhood. ^D^

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First batch of pictures, day one. If you are in any of these, message me and I’ll tag you!!

The Jack Frost is

I’m the Jack Frost!!~ ^D^

Thank you for the picture :D

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My half to an art trade I did with XbrakeX

Your tags make me laugh a little. My art. My art?

It is completely obvious that this was traced from laryndawn's artwork and it's sickening to see it so blatantly stolen like this. And if this really is “your half” to an art trade, then I feel really bad for your art trade partner for receiving stolen artwork in return.

It doesn’t look like permission was asked to trace Laryn’s art, so I do believe this is art theft at it’s prime. People take their artwork seriously, and consent from the artist to upload their work is something that you definitely need. It is obscenely rude to trade their work and upload without any credit.

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I’m the toothless!

The Hiccup is me!!~ :D

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I met up with a fantastic Jack Frost this SacAnime and got invited to a photoshoot with them!! It was such a great time. xD

Thanks for the shoot! :D

Jack Frost is eunakii
Hiccup is Saber / me

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Amazing Spiderman AU! With Hiccup as Peter, Jack as Deadpool, Astrid as Gwen. Valka would be Richard Parker, and Stoick would probs be Uncle Ben with Gobber as Aunt May???

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Dad and son

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Anonymous said:
U were the absolute cutest hiccup cosplayer today at sac wow

I wish you were off anon. pFhaaha


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Anonymous said:
Oh my gawd I found you on tumblr! I saw you at sacanime and I wanted I ask for a picture but I was too shy (;_;)


Never be too shy to come talk to me if you see me at a con, I’m the awkwardest thing I swear. LOL

I love talking to people I meet at cons so yeah, never be shy :D

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